Phase 8

The Solano Service team invites you to send your previously completed request via the website (Solano after-sales service), which will be taken care of by a member of our team within the next 48 hours.


Thereafter, a follow-up will be made to you within 2 weeks.

With the aim of providing you with faster and more efficient follow-up, do not forget:

  • To indicate in the subject, the number of your unit, as well as the phase of the project.
  • To send us photos or documents of your problem, for a better understanding.


List of emergency contact persons:

CMPL Plumber
Tel.: 450-445-5558 P1

COURLEM Electrician: 1-819-781-0407
Sylvain : 514-444-6382
Hugo : 514-444-6380

VOLMAIR Ventilation
Tel.: 514-685-4044

Condominium Syndicate, Gestion Corev
Tel.: 514-389-0101 /

For any emergency (eg fire, major water damage), you can contact the building manager at 514-389-0101 /

If you have any questions, it is important to turn to the right people, here is some information to better guide you:

Anything concerning the sale of parking spaces, storage spaces, questions about your purchase, you must make a request to the sales department at

For questions regarding common areas, additional sticker, additional chips, keys, intercom, urban chalet, swimming pool, terrace, urgent request. It is at the loan of the building manager that you will find the information: 514-389-0101 /

Don't forget to consult your customer guide, as well as the ACQ guide, two very practical tools for managing of your new residence.

The whole team thanks you for your follow-up and wishes you a pleasant day.


The Solano team

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